Help finding a version of 星の王子さま (The Little Prince) that has both text and audio


I’ve been working my way through a translation of The Little Prince in japanese [1] but I can’t find a corresponding audiobook for this translation on Amazon. I found several audiobooks and several kindle books but I don’t understand japanese enough to find a match between the same translation for audio and text :frowning:

I don’t mind buying another book, I just need a translation with both the audiobook and the regular ebook.

Thanks a lot!

[1] : eBooks Kindle: The Little Prince (Japanese Edition), Antoine de Saint-Exupery , Lusine Khachatryan

[2] An example of an Audiobook of The Little Prince (of which I didn’t find a corresponding ebook):


Hi folks, since my question is related, I thought would be a good idea to post here. There are at least 3 different kindle versions in Japanese of the Little Prince on Amazon, not sure what are the differences. Does any one recommends a particular version?


Thank you! Sucks that it has no kindle version and it doesn’t ship to my country, guess I’ll have to… find the book from other sources…

But the audiobook I can get with my audible subscription :slight_smile:

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I found this playlist a while ago filled with short Japanese stories, with both text and audio, along with furigana. While it doesn’t seem to include the little prince, unfortunately, you might still find it useful, hence my sharing it!


I’m really enjoying the version that I linked in my original post (the first link), other versions are translated with only hiragana with very few Kanji (for kids probably). This one has a more natural text with the usual kanjis :slight_smile:

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