Hello, I'm new to the site and would like help!

Hello I’m Jinx-Arcane_23 and I am knew to this site. Someone had told me about this site that can help me learn Japanese because I’ve been self teaching myself Japanese for a couple of years now and I love it so much. I have books that I use to help me learn but need some more help with learning how to use this site because I never knew it was around until now. So if you have any tips or trick to help me I would love to hear it and use it to be able to learn more Japanese.



welcome to the forum!

if you need help using WK, just get started and pop ups will guide you through.

if you want more help, read the posts linked in and at the end of this one



If You want Some Additional Resources This post may help you

And If You Want To know how the Wanikani app/website works This May Help You


The LV60 compilation misses the single most useful guide, for shame.



Thank you guys so much but I probably was clear enough what I meant by some tips or tricks. I mean like what do you guys do to help you learn Japanese, for example taking notes, highlighting, and listening to music thats in Japanese. Things like that.

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Many WK users predominantly use WK, its mnemonics, & userscripts for learning Japanese until we can graduate to reading some actual Japanese content! However, I have seen some people that practice writing kanji & write them out by hand.

If you mean listening to music for comprehension, that’s more difficult in any language than listening to the spoken language in any other form. (Some people can’t even do it in their first language!)

That being said, although WK has helped me learn some words to build vocabulary, listening/grammar is that other part of Japanese that’s important but doesn’t come from WK. I’d give you some tips but I sort of need that myself…