Hello im in lv3 but

I am about to finish my lvl3 but
im a slow paced here!!
All three took me more than 3 montgs to continue
I do my reviews everyday and study casually
Ive reading threads on how to finish a level in 7 days only ??
What am i doing wrong

Current Status


Time on Level:49 days, 2 hours

Level-up In:0 days, 0 hours (Tue 20:30)

Average Level-up:33 days, 4 hours

Start Date:2018-06-30 (115 days ago)

Items Learned (Guru+):78部首 84漢字 184単語



Total Reviews:364639217567







Progress and Projections

PLEASANTPAINFULDEATHHELLPARADISEREALITY0102030405060EstimatedFastestHypothetical1:Start2018-06-30 11:023:Current Level2018-09-04 18:414:Next Level2018-10-23 20:302018-10-23 20:302018-10-23 20:308:Joyo G12019-03-05 11:482018-11-20 04:302019-03-05 12:3010:JLPT N5 95%2019-05-10 19:272018-12-03 20:302019-05-10 20:3016:JLPT N4 95%2019-11-25 18:242019-01-13 20:302019-11-25 20:3018:Joyo G22020-01-31 02:032019-01-27 12:302020-01-31 04:3035:JLPT N3 95%2021-08-16 19:062019-05-20 06:302021-08-17 00:3048:JLPT N2 95%2022-10-21 20:502019-08-10 06:302022-10-22 04:3048:Joyo G32022-10-21 20:502019-08-10 06:302022-10-22 04:3057:Joyo G4/G52023-08-16 07:172019-09-13 10:302023-08-16 16:3060:Final Level2023-11-23 18:452019-09-23 16:302023-11-24 04:30-- :All Burned2024-05-16 00:452020-03-15 22:302024-05-16 10:302018-09-04 18:41Level:3Item Counts(Daily*)Rad:82(0.8)Kan:89(0.9)Voc:203(2.0)Total:374(3.8)Days:115(99)JLPTN5N4N3N2N1JoyoG1G2G3G4G5G6G9Frequency5001000150020002500NHK EZNewsBooksTwitterWiki

I have seen @jprspereira express the method to level up in 7 days best.
Summary: stick to a schedule and consistently do all the available radical and kanji reviews during your next review session.



I recommend reading my Guide to Wanikani :slight_smile: It explains what you need to know and a lot more. For building a schedule on Wanikani (and therefore, leveling up faster), I advise reading Chapter 4 to 6. I’m sure you’ll find something useful there :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that no matter how many efficiency tricks there are for Wanikani, showing up every day to do the work is the most important thing :slight_smile:


Just a word of warning, if you do want to stick to fast level ups you better be prepared to spend several hours a day just on kanji study. I’d say it started getting rough for me around lvl 30-40 and from levels 40-60 the reviews really start kicking you in the ass if you’re not prepared for it.


BRING. IT. ON. (╯✧∇✧)╯


Gahhh, I know right! :scream:

I showed up everyday with a 8-12-20 timetable for the last few weeks, with the aim of getting the average to 9 days/level. I thought everything would be chill, at the beginning, because I totally show up everyday, right? BUT I WAS WRONG. Today at 20:00, there was almost 200 reviews. In one session. Not throughout the day, no, in one session. :scream:

And I have seen people quit because of 300 reviews already. Couldn’t image what 30 will feel like.

But yeah,


In the last 10 levels if you try to go full speed like I am you pretty much get 300 reviews a day. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re extremely dedicated and have a ton of free time every day.

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If you are doing things casually, and you want to go FASTER (but not full speed), all you will need to do is log in at a consistent 2-3 times per day and do your reviews, plus lessons when they are important. Also, get a script that will re-order the lessons so radicals and Kanji come first. Make sure you pay attention too, because a few accuracy errors on radicals can delay leveling up by a few days.

I used to level up every week, and am trying to get back into the swing of it.

Also, as a cautionary tale, when you are using the re-order script, it is really easy to leave vocab lessons behind, and I would not recommend you let them pile up too high, because that can come back to overwhelm you later.

How many lessons are you doing each day? I think the default setting is 5, so if you are only doing one batch of 5 lessons a day then it is going to take you about a month to do a level.

I personally do 12 lessons a day (2 sets of six); I then do all available reviews 4 hours later, and 8 hours after that (12 hours after the initial lesson). I was doing 21 lessons/day but by level 17 it was taking up a lot of time - I ended up resetting and am happier with my slower pace and I find I am remembering things much better at this pace.

It may take a fair bit of experimenting for you to find the ideal pace that suits your particular circumstances; the lesson number can be adjusted in menu > settings > app > lesson batch sizing

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Showing up alone doesn’t help. You have to clear your (review) queue every time, too.
Doing new lessons in smaller batches drags it all out, too.

Yes, you want to do ALL your reviews, and as close to when they’re available as you can. That does two things. For one, the time they’re available but you’re not doing them is extending your level-up by that same amount of time.

The bigger, but more difficult to see, factor is, the sooner you do your reviews the less likely you are to fail. Failing items really sets you back on the level-up (if you get over 10% failed, and that’s not very hard to do) AND adds repeat review workload.

I’m not saying check WK every hour, but don’t wait a day for an Apprentice 2 or 3 item if you can help it. The Gurus, Masters, and above are less sensitive to that, once a day should take care of them just fine.

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right, be ferocious with reviews. don’t push them back, don’t drag them out or split them. be merciless and fail if they don’t click instantly.

for one, that makes sure you really know them and won’t suddenly fail them when they’re up for burn. the nice side-effect is, it cuts down your review times drastically, and a 300er review starts to look like a 50er. anything less will be a fart in the wind.

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If that’s not a 四字熟語 I’ll be very disappointed.


I read that “if you don’t know them instantly - fail them” recommendation often. I noticed that if I struggle to recall something, but give myself some time and can finally come up with the right answer, I am much more likely to remember it next time. But it makes your session longer, which can feel like a burden. So take that with caution ^^

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I agree with you on this - they stick better for me if I’ve had to really think about them.

Today at 20:00, there was almost 200 reviews. In one session. Not throughout the day, no, in one session. :scream:

If you usually just do WK once a day (which, unless I can sneak in an extra session, is my norm), it’s pretty common to open review queues of 150-200 items. However, it’s also very doable!

If you do everything as fast as possible, you’ll probably be facing even more reviews than that in one day (spread out over the day), since there’ll be that much more a difference between the rate things are added to Apprentice and Guru, and the rate they’re moved to Enlightened or Burned.

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