Heeeelp! 😆

Oh! I apologize. I did not know that it was not customary to respond to each person. I was just trying to show my gratitude toward each person who took the time to comment.


I appreciate the time you took to answer! It definitely does help to better understand the color coding. I suppose I was also confused by the terms used as far as what it meant by “vocabulary word” vs. “Readings” I think it was the fact also that I am still getting used to which of those are Kunyomi vs. On’yomi as well. As you said, with time, I am sure I will get more used to which means what! :laughing:


No problem! I totally get it, when there are so many terms being thrown around at the beginning, it can be overwhelming when you don’t know what things mean! A “reading” is essentially a pronunciation of a kanji, which comes in two types, onyomi and kunyomi. And which reading you use depends on how the kanji is used. When I was on level 1, I totally ignored Wanikani whenever it talked about onyomi/kunyomi because I was so confused, and it took me a few levels to finally catch onto what they were talking about, lol! So I think you’re already doing great by taking the time to research this stuff :smiling_face:


A way to think about it, is Japanese is language that written forms (Kanji, vocabularies with Kanji) can have different readings depending on context.

As a matter of fact, vocabularies too, but Wanikani doesn’t teach many of those. (If you happen to input alternate readings inferring a different meaning, Wanikani would shake and refuse to accept.)

In the end, Wanikani would choose 1 reading to prioritize, and that would help for memorizing and make mnemonics easy to create.


Just for the record, I wasn’t annoyed by it, I found it cordial and showing excitement, which warmed my heart to reply, haha.


I am nervous about responding now because I think I am doing it all wrong! :laughing::joy: I will try to respond to everyone in this 1 message? I just wanted to say, thank you for the compliment @bellynx I wish I could graciously accept lol! I honestly have been studying 日本語 for about 6 1/2 years. I am honestly just now getting the courage to look deeper into onyomi vs. kunyomi and readings. I am a super slow learner, I just refuse to give up! :rofl::joy::joy: 頑張りましょう!

@polv Thank you for taking the time to help! I appreciate your reply! :sparkles::sparkles:

@akira70000 I am so glad I wasn’t being annoying! :sweat_smile:I am really nervous about speaking in the community. It warms my heart to see so many people willing to be helpful to an old bird like myself :blush::blush: I am amazed to find a community of wonderfully passionate people who have a common goal! 日本語を勉強するばんざーい!


Many old birds are in these forums. Don’t worry about that. :wink: