Heatmap Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)

You can only see the last 100 edits, which, might be exceeded in the POLL thread :crazy_face:

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Short history, I was subscribed for two years, burned out hard, and quit when the subscription ran out. After the extended break, I bought Lifetime during the sale last January…and proceeded to slack off for three months lol.

But since a few days I started doing reviews again, and today I came upon this kanji: 袖

Looked hard at it, said to myself, “Nope, don’t recognize you,” and clicked Skip. When it came back around later (reading) I had a gut feeling that it was しゅう, and what do you know it’s right. A few items later the meaning comes around, and my fingers reflexively typed sleev (yes with that misspelling). AND IT WAS CORRECT.

And it was a burn too.

I am just astounded how it was a subconscious thing, and that I actually remembered somehow (despite the others I’ve clearly forgotten—the leeches that are becoming even more leech-y now that they’ve been untrained). But to me this is a small achievement, and I know that if I push on I can definitely, if slowly, reach level 60.