Heatmap Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)

Thanks! Haven’t dropped a single day since I started WK :blush:

Woah, how did I miss that? It has some minor issues with a few scripts, but it looks great anyway.


There’s a “Breeze Dark” theme setting in the Heatmap if you want the items in the pop-ups to have the Breeze Dark item colors. I try to make sure my scripts are compatible with Breeze Dark


At least when I worry about my study habits I can console myself with the fact that I was so much worse in 2018! :partying_face:

Days Studied: 69%. Nice


When I feel too hot from the heatmap, I like some dark breeze to cool off


I just recently came across WaniKani and just today found the heat map. I wanted to post this after seeing some other peoples with years of practice to maybe encourage someone else that is new. I am looking forward to having a beautiful and colorful heat map eventually!


this is but the first steps of a journey! <3
You are lucky to get a record from the start. Mine is missing my first half year (it didn’t get logged back then)

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I was playing around with colors yesterday, making lots of steps for a gradient!
I love just playing around with it.

Accidentally looks like icy water and fire, the ice is winning :wink:

Also noticed… I think this is my longest, most consistent run yet!!
Decided to mock around, cutting my runs together!

The first part and beginning of second (faded areas) are approximations of the missing times.
I joined in February, got up to lvl 20 and reset in July. But had a few weeks where I didn’t do reviews before I reset. Was probably a bit further out in June, but know I did little past May so just used that section from a later run (“died” in the same area twice =P … Or actually, every time XD May kills me for some reason! But not this time! I made it this year )

And I was right! Not counting the few specs far out, this is my best run! <3
This will also be my last (unless I decide to go again =P )

This round I unburned instead of resetting. I unburned a level at a time, first one a week, then 2, and at the end I did 3. Got everything out in spring. At first I did all reviews normally, but then it got just too much so decided to use “ignore answer” script to push them on. Sent them of to Enlightened and only then let wrong answers fall. I got to burn most of the early levels, and at least half of most levels. Only a few levels had less than half burned. Now I’m working on the leeches left behind. Lvl 26-31’s leeches total 400 items (some are still in Guru, only failed once. So might not be proper leeches, but I failed the burn review at least =P )
I stopped doing those levels to focus on the others first, so they have been sitting in my review pile a few weeks now, while slowly adding one more level every few days (started with 20-31 stuck, and 700 reviews)

But all burns was done correct on their burn review now =)