Having trouble using self-study quiz (Not all apprentice items seem to show)

Hello everyone,

Could someone please help me understand how to use the self study quiz?
These are some leeches that are currently in apprentice 4:

It shows that I have 30 on wkstats but on my dashboard for the item inspector it shows that I have 21:

Now, I don’t know how to interpret this because if I click on settings, I can choose to only see what I have on apprentice 4 but when I click save, nothing happens:

If I click on “quiz on items shown on screen” then I can see that it stays on “item inspector”.

If I change it to apprentice like I did earlier today, I still did not see some of the kanji that you can see on wkstats. I was quiz on the vocabulary but only 1 kanji. What am I doing wrong? How can I get quiz on only what I want— which in this case is apprentice 4?

I think you’re conflating the Self-Study Quiz script with the Item Inspector. To my knowledge there is some link between them, but that probably isn’t it. Here’s what you can do to make the kind of preset you seem to want:

Step 1: Open the Self-Study Quiz popup (you already seem to know how to do that, but just in case it’s in the navigation bar on the top right, at (Profile) > Scripts > Open > Self-Study Quiz.)

Step 2: Click on the light gear icon on the top right of the popup.

Step 3: Navigate to Items in the top bar and create a new preset.

Step 4: In the new preset add the filter SRS Level and select Apprentice 4.

Step 5: Save and you’re done!

*I’m not really sure how the link between II and SSQ works, to be honest, because I’ve never really used them that much.

Here is my 2 cents.

On wkstat the setting will return all items in Apprentice 4 regardless whether or not they are leeches in Item Inspector.

In Item Inspector the temporary filter will return all items that are found as leeches in the leech table that are also in apprentice 4. The result differs from wkstat because the leech filter is applied on top of the Apprentice temporary filter.

I have no clue why SSQ differs from wkstat. On my data the two select the same items.

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Thanks. It doesn’t seem any different from what I did before except you are creating a new preset. I am trying this now to see if it works.

I mean, I’m not the dev, but I don’t think that they’re really all that similar, aside from the selection menus of the two scripts.

From what I can see you seem to have taken the rather circuitous route of using Item Inspector to create some kind of setting, which you then use for the Self Study Quiz. What I did instead was to forego the initial step entirely and add a preset to the SSQ itself.

I hope this helps. Do tell me if I misunderstood something.

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