Has the new WaniKani update messed things up a little?

Probably. I would just keep going and things will shake out fine eventually. A similar thing happened to me too.

It is likely a result of the update, but don’t worry. Being this early in makes it perfect, because you don’t have to relearn too much. Content updates this large rarely happen (this is the first one this large in the two years I’ve been here) so it’s not likely to happen again any time soon.


Fair enough. That’s a little frustrating though as I was just starting to get into it. Do you think it’s worth me restarting?

Speaking as someone a couple of levels ahead. I won’t.

Instead tomorrow I’ll look through all the kanji I’ve already started to learn (no matter where in the SRS they are) and check if the main reading I learned is still the main reading, and if it isn’t, to perhaps drill those kanji a couple of times separately to attach the on’yomi reading as the main reading.

I can’t imagine there are that many changed kanji (if there are, the changes happened to all be clustered in the early levels!), and at least with radicals I’ve found them fairly easy to learn, so I hope relearning them shall not be a problem (please!).

Yeah this seems like a good suggestion. I just went back and looked at the さ and ゆう readings and it wasn’t too hard to learn. A bit annoying though! I hope people at higher levels aren’t in too much trouble.

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Yeah, I got surprised with 伝 suddenly asking me for it’s on’yomi when it was initially given its kun’yomi and there hasn’t been any vocab that used it for me yet. Luckily I already knew what it was from outside knowledge, but I imagine there’ll be more to come.

9 kanji changed to on’yomi for me. Of those 9, I’ve seen the on’yomi (on WK) for 4 of those (through vocab). So really not many considering I’m already learning 180+ kanji here on WK.

I just had 投手 on my list, and its giving me a mnemonic for 手 despite the fact that I’ve learned 歌手 and 選手, but no on’yomi mnemonic for 投 despite the only vocab and previous kanji reading supplied are for kun’yomi ie 投げる and I’ve never seen とう before. Whatever, abstract mnemonic about pitchers wanting to badly play for Tokyo, next item.

It’s just gonna be a little awkward for those of us that have done a substantial chunk of the content, for a little while.


Good to read I wasn’t the only one tripped up by this!

Ah wow, when I went looking for 伝 I ran across a brand new level 11 vocab word as well: 伝記

Because you’re just starting out, you should at the very least take the time to relearn the updated radicals. When you come across a reading that’s been affected by the update, you can probably just relearn on the fly. But because radicals are the building blocks, it’s probably enough to go back and just relearn those.

I’m kinda freaking out because I’m over halfway through and there are so many radical changes. So many “fish stick” mnemonics that I’ll have to change… :cold_sweat:


I encountered the same and then went through the level overview on my own. There were several changes to what readings are required for kanji reviews. However! I saw in the main thread that they’re gonna offer a list of changed readings soon, which will prove helpful. :v:

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Absorbing new, unfamiliar readings for kanji is just a natural part of the kanji learning process.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

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yeah i suddenly had 投手, too. it’s among the rare words i’ll probably never see outside of WK.
maybe it’s been added with the update.

Seems likely, because it was out of order; I got a new kanji (宝), then 投手, then 2 new radicals (gladiator and something else, idk) then another vocab with 10 radicals remaining in my queue? I thought radicals were always prioritised and I was just trying to launch through all the renamed ones so I could get back to my level content. Oh well.


yep, sounds familiar

Yeah that’s because not only did they introduce and rename radicals, but they also prioritized on’yomi readings whenever they could. So some kun’yomi that didn’t have on’yomi introduced faced this problem. In my case, I just learned with the update the on’yomi readings for 伝 and 投

Same boat as you, I’m getting told I should know the on-yomi readings already

btw the list is now available in the first post: https://community.wanikani.com/t/wanikani-content-overhaul/33972

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