Harder to recall

i agree. OP, i’d strongly recommend the keisei script if you’re not using it already.

it was around the 20s when i started paying attention to phonetic components, and in the 30s when i actively started using them to reinforce and/or supplant WK’s mnemonics. i’d think for example, ok, keisei tells me this is しょう, i don’t remember the story about the joker and thread, but, either (a) the shogun was involved…ah! i was introducing the joker to the shogun; or (b) i do remember a vocab word しょうかい… ah! “introduce”

also, the late 30s was the first time since single digits i broke my own 7/8-day pace to just calm down and deal with leeches, and came back feeling much refreshed. give it a shot.