Guess Kanji From English Word


I was just thinking about a “new” way to reveiw kanjis.
Right now WaniKani gives you the kanji lets say 最低 and you have to type for meaning “The lowest” or reading “さいてい”
But! what about giving the english word “The lowest” and give some options to choose like:
最近, 最終, 最高 and 最低. So you have to pick one the right kanji.

Just and idea.

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The practice method you talk about is very similar to WaniKani’s joint website, KaniWani
Unlike what you describe, though, there aren’t multiple-choice options for you to choose from.
And the site also has some drawbacks. One of these is that it’s rather inconvenient when it comes to synonyms; for example, the word “woman” can be said in many different ways in Japanese, but you won’t necessarily know which word they’re specifically asking for.

I like the idea of practicing from English to Japanese too, since it’s what you do when speaking and writing (until you start thinking in Japanese, that is) but I don’t use it that much, personally, because KaniWani doesn’t have userscripts I consider crucial, in particular the auto-commit; the end of the enter key script. If a user script like that came out for KaniWani, though, I might end up actually using it.


There‘s also KameSame that does basically the same thing as KaniWani, but it handles synonyms a bit better.

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If you’re interested in user scripts, Self Study can ask the ‘reverse’ questions, too (and you can de-select the ‘forward’ standard-style questions, I believe.)

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