Grammer Questions, FFXII版 第二話

Back again with more grammar questions, with examples taken from Final Fantasy XII. As always, thanks for the time and I hope there’s some interesting questions for people!


What’s the deal with “しっちゃた” here? I’m not sure that it fits my understanding of しまう.It almost sounds like she’s being kind of snarky like “Oh I accidentally studied (because the old man was just going on and on)” but the rest of the conversation is rather morose, so that doesn’t feel right.


Is there a meaning difference between past progressive してた and just using した here? Naively I wanted to translate it as “I was promising” but that doesn’t make any sense. My best guess is that it’s sort of like “I promised those guys (and that promise is still relevant)” but I’m not sure.


Is XらしいXもない a pattern? I’m not familiar with it


Another ちゃった I’m having trouble understanding. Is it just as simple as he accidentally became interested in this town? Seems a little weird. The town in the game is a resort town, so maybe there’s some subtext like he’s spending too much time there?

Are you sure it’s not ちゃった? That would be past tense ちゃう.

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Yep, just a typo on my part. Thanks for the catch, fixed it in an edit!

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Okay, yeah the edit makes more sense. I believe it’s just stating that they completed/finished studying.

Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks. I always jump to conclusions associating it with negative emotions

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Speaking of typos, none of these questions involve Kelsey Grammer at all. I came here for Grammer.


Well my dreams of winning the spelling bee just went from low to zero

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