Graduating from Crabigator apprentice

I’m sure there are already several thread relating to this subject, but since the keyword is apprentice I had no luck finding them with search. if there are such threads I would be glad if someone could link the. Othewise I’m just wondering… are we bound to be apprentices all our lives?

It’s kind of weird that we’re all apprentices. Even the Ninjaneer, the Overmind, HR, and the level 60s. Is anyone not an apprentice?

I feel as though we’re missing out on some gamification here. It would be cool if we could graduate from Apprentice to different stages of servitude. We could have initiates, priests, and high priests. Doesn’t the Crabigator want us to serve them?

Wouldn’t it be cool if the phrase CRABIGATOR APPRENTICE INFO could say CRABIGATOR PRIEST INFO. Just a thought. Bless the Crabigator :pray:


This is where we belong. The Crabigator must have it this way. It keeps us in our place.

I commend thee, oh Great Crabigator.

[Edit] commend… praise? How does he like to be addressed?

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I’ve noticed that as well. I thought that maybe we are just apprentices for all our lives. But it would be cool to have more titles, agreed.

That’s it. :expressionless:

No matter how much we may think we know, we are all naught but humble apprentices in life. We shall be well-served in remembering this, as the world has much to teach. * insert philosophical meaning of life gif here * :open_hands:


at some point I want to put together a better leveling system - this’ll probably be included in that


Oooh, yay! Looking forward to that. :sunny: :crocodile: :crab:

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I thought the crabigator was all-powerful and we could never hope to learn all his greatness. Does this mean … there’s hope? We can graduate from being apprentices and become mini-crabigators one day?!

It will stay apprentice as long as POTUS is executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice

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