Global review after 10 levels suggestion

I’d like to say that I love Wanikani and find it a powerful tool that works fine for me.

But there a thing I regret it doesn’t have.
The more I progress the more I feel like it would be great to have some global review for every 10 levels.

Maybe only some random kanji, for which one should type all the readings they learnt during these 10 levels. ( Because I understand it would so massive a review if it includes everything that one would manage to do it)

I only wanted to share some ideas. Maybe obvious ones, I know.
And not that I think WK team have any plans to implement something like that, but still.

I understand where you are coming from. But such a system conflicts with the SRS and is therefore unlikely to be implemented.
However, you can install a script that lets you review your burned items. You can also use the Wanikani Self-study Quiz edition for reviewing yourself.
Good luck with your WK journey :smile:


Try this one:-

@polv @Pydron

Thank you both for the responds! I don’t have any burned items for now, but when I do I am certainly going to use the ‘burn reviews’ script.

The Self-study script helps me a lot. The only trouble I’m seeing in it is that one can review only within a level. Not complaining though, it’s still splendid.

I didn’t think that ‘global reviews’ could mess up SRS…well that’s an unforeseen obstruction.

It can only “mess” it up if you believe that exposure to kanji outside of Wankikani is bad. As opposed to believing any exposure to Kanji is good, The battlelines are drawn on that argument though, so people will just argue it both ways.

Personally the only way I can see of cheating SRS is if you review a word right before you do reviews just to make sure you get it right. Outside of that exposure is going to help you memory.

SRS is about memorization with the least number of reviews, reviewing more should never hurt your memory…it just takes the away from the efficiency of SRS aka you did more reviews that you had to. But say your dropped in Japan and your job requires you to learn Japanese and Kanji quickly…you’re definitely going to supplement a SRS system with ways of learning faster. Because in that case you need to know it ASAP efficiency will matter less than speed.


Personally I agree with you. All the way.
Overexposure=studying generally : )

If the feature were to be installed, I’d expect it just not to move kanji forward into the next level (guru1-2-3-4, master etc), so that it wouldn’t take away any of reviews.

I’ve been doing something close to (I just type on the Kanji and do reading/meaning from memory) for the first couple days after learning the kanji. Between that and the vocabulary it seems to help cement things in memory much faster for me.

Given that WK itself recommends starting to read Japanese after a number of levels, I can’t see the “messing up SRS” arguments. Otherwise, every kanji encountered while reading, whether you recognize it or have to look it up, could be considered interference with SRS timing.

Experiment with different supplemental methods and use what works for you. This is a long haul for even the fastest learners. There’s plenty of time to adjust.

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I use your script and it’s a excellent tool! Thank you!

My only problem is I’d like to revise items from several levels (some people would advise to use Anki, but I am still to figure out how Anki works).

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