Ghost of Tsushima word for 'Ghost'

If you played Ghost of Tsushima, the word they use for the protagonist sounds like くろうと and is translated as ‘The Ghost’. Thanks to WK I only can think of this is ‘prostitute’. Is it really 玄人, or is there some more antiquated word they use?

Why that and not the main meaning of expert?

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Too memorable!

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It’s くろうど, written as 冥人. It’s not a word Japanese people know or can read usually, so if you google there’s actually lots of people asking what it means, for example:

The word 冥人 doesn’t exist in my dictionary, but if you check the kanji entry for 冥, it has meanings like 「くらい。やみ。」 (this is probably where the reading comes from, as suggested by the Yahoo answer) and also 「死後の世界。」


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