Getting better percentages at reviews

Any tips for better reviews?

When you do your lessons, or when you get something wrong, how are you studying the item? How much time are you using? Do you repeat the mnemonic out loud? Do you write out the item and try to recall it a few times? Do you try to make your own mnemonics if the WK ones aren’t working for you?


If you have trouble recalling you should experiment a bit with your learning style, what works best is different for different people. Combining different senses might give you better results as well.

  • Listen to the audio of vocab several times and repeat it yourself, say everything out loud
  • Write everything down a few times
  • Draw the words in the air with your hands
  • Read it, record it, listen to yourself
  • Invent a sentence for each word
  • Invent a dance for each word (??)

Try one thing at a time and see what works best.

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I tend to handwirte ítems i get wrong, but i sometimes need several tries to get them correct, I certainly dont often use mnemonics, but try to relate them to things I can easily remember, is this a good strategy?

@acm2010 Those are some really good tips!, thank you.

I turn anything that makes it to critical into a flashcard.

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I found it really helps if I get a tattoo of each item I get wrong.

But seriously, the easiest and quickest thing to do is just give a quick glance at all of the items you got wrong during your review session. They’ll all be shown in the summary page after you finish your session. Just repeating the readings and the meanings while they are fresh in your memory seems to help to imprint them.

In addition to this, you can go deeper with each item if you’ve got the time and ambition, using some of the ideas mentioned upthread, like writing them, remembering sentences, etc. I usually don’t do too much of this. though. I just let the SRS do it’s work. If I keep getting it wrong, I’ll keep seeing it pop up, and if I’m not getting it wrong, I won’t see it around for long. I use the time that this saves to study grammar and practice reading, which really helps reinforce in context the kanji about 10 wani kani levels below where I’m currently at at the time.


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