Genki 2nd vs 3rd edition

A while back I purchased Genki 1, 2nd edition; however I never really got around to going through it (I blame school). Fast forward a few years and now I’m wanting to pick it back up, but I see that there’s a third edition now! Is it worth updating to the third edition? Or could I still use the 2nd edition and be fine? Thanks :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t bother with updating to the 3rd edition. I’m using the 1st edition and that’s been fine so far.

Definitely recommend using the Genki Study Resources site for the practice exercises.


Could you still the 2nd and be fine? Yes.
Is it worth updating to the 3rd? Maybe!

I think the color-coding, font, and reorganizing of the vocabulary and grammar sections would make the 3rd more appealing to most learners and likely would make the learning journey a bit more enjoyable and motivating. The content is essentially the same but the newer edition seems a bit clearer.

For me, I didn’t buy the 3rd because it was released too late. But I might have had I seen it by chapter 4 or so…

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I used the 3rd edition, but if I had bought the 2nd I personally wouldn’t bother to purchase a new one for the sole purpose of “prettier” layout and a few updates here and there.

At least for me the books were quite expensive, so in my case it wouldn’t be worth it to expend even more, as from what I’ve read the 2nd edition is still great! :wink: You can’t go wrong with it!

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Thanks everyone! I’ll stick to the 2nd edition then :slight_smile:
Time to continue the Crabigators journey.


This youtube channel is great as additional help for if you are learning with genki, and he did a comparison between 3rd and 2nd edition. Tl;dw he says that it’s not worth upgrading if you already have the 2nd edition, it’s I believe just a bit more colorful and reorganized a bit

Edit: Wrong link

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In that video he did say it could be worth upgrading to 3rd edition of the textbook itself but that the 2nd edition workbook is fine.

I linked the wrong video, as usual, in this one he pretty much says that there are changes, and there are some very welcome changes, but it’s mostly the arrangement, that changed.