Garden Appreciation Thread

beet tips coming tomorrow …

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Ah, I see you are carrying the tradition of boring, bland food on.


An entire planet consuming nothing but the same glowing liquid.



I forgot about your ビーツ recipe!

I am still a bit of a beet novice. I just started eating them a few years ago. Somehow I end up liking the foods that I grow even when I never liked them previously.

  1. For root vegetables, roasted in the oven is a good way to start. Everything tastes good this way. Get any roots that you can: potatoes, beets, turnips, carrots, leeks, onions, garlic, rutabagas, parsnips, whatever. If you have them, a few tomatoes are good. I often use an apple or two as well. Chop things up in big chunks, put a little olive oil over them, and bake them in the oven for an hour or so. This is a good way to learn to like vegetables that you don’t like yet. There are plenty of bites of things you know and like, but you will learn the tastes of the things that you are unfamiliar with, until eventually they become your friends. We eat this regularly throughout the year.
  2. I cook beets, slide the skin off, cut them up, then cook them a bit again in a mix of water, vinegar, sugar. These are standard pickled bets, the same as I put up in jars. Vinegar and sugar to taste. Probably a bit less than half vinegar to water.
  3. H. has other ways she does ビーツ, but I must ask her. I am merely a ビーツ後輩.

I hadn’t thought of doing them that way. I always like any recipe where I can throw everything in the oven and clean up the kitchen before sitting down to eat.

I’ll give that a try. I sometimes make some insta-pickles by cutting cucumber thinly, and then soaking them in some vinegar and sugar. Since the mix lacks water, they’re a bit punchy, but my wife like them in her 弁当 as an extra punch of flavour with plain rice.

I’d certainly love to hear from our ビート先輩. ^^

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You can do the ビーツ in straight お酢. But I didn’t want to blow out your Arc Thrusters.

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That’ll cut through that earthy flavour, all right. :joy:


I second and third this. Any root veg works that way, potatoes, beets, celeriac (highly recommended!), turnips, carrots… The result goes well with a simple sauce from yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and whatever herbs you like. Also great as a barbecue side dish.


I also like beetroots (the red ones) with horseradish sauce.

Or simply cut them up like french fries, fry them in a pan in a little bit of oil (so they go a bit like deep-fried, but without the “deep” part), add a handful of fresh sage leaves and fry them as well, pepper and you’re set :slight_smile:

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OMG seconded, thirded, ∞-ed. Celeriac is amaaaazing roasted :+1:


I just found some bunches hidden in my eggplants. I had planted some from seed indoors, and it did not thrive, either in or out of doors.
But now I see several nice crunchy bunches that are ready to harvest.

I am wary of harvesting スイカ too early. But I have six monsters that have been on the vine for a month:

So yesterday was the day:

My god are these good. I need to find some people to share these with.
What I would like best is maybe one baby elephant for the afternoon to eat them up with me.


Half of today’s バターナッツスカッシュ!



美味しそう! :plate_with_cutlery:

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observe alternate interpretation at the Tavern thread :slight_smile:

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I love this! :yum:

I usually put, parsnip, root celeriac, beets, potatoes and carrots and a few smol onions on there. Sprinkle with oil, salt, pepper and rosemary or thyme if you wanna. Roast until lovely soft and nicely colored. Serve with meat or fish and a mushroom sauce.

Man, I really need to buy some beets now. They also go well with Swedish meatballs! :eyes: Gotta make more of those as well! ^^


That’s a lot of butternut squash! :astonished: They look amazing! :sparkling_heart: What do you do with all that? :eyes:

My personal favorite is a spicy pumpkin soup.

One whole onion, fry on low heat until soft, Put in 1 butternut squash in chunks. Add water to cover, but don’t overdo it. Add chili to taste. Add a bit of fresh ginger to taste. Let boil until soft. Mix in blender until smooth. Add I can of coconut milk. Add vegetable and/or chicken stock to taste, and salt if you wanna (i just use stock usually). If too thick, add water and adjust flavorings accordingly.

Now you’ve got yourself a lovely sweet,hot and spicy soup! :yum:


Time for a picture post from my local park! ^>^ Autumn vibes! :relaxed:

The color scheme has mostly turned into blues and purples, some pinks, yellows and whites are mixed in.

Having a last snacc before winter. :honeybee:

So soft to the touch! :relaxed: :rabbit:

Lots of dramatic and beautiful grasses are in bloom now. I love how the light brings out the textures. ^^

Dunno what these are. Part of a bigger bush (pic below). Very cute flowers blossoming this late.

Remember the take no ko-like sprouts from this spring? The very same plant. These hostas have become huge!

The bamboo has it rough in this country. It’s just too cold and windy here.

I wonder what these are called? This park has pink ones as well.

Thistles are striking after they’re done. ^^

This rhododendron got a second round of blossoms late this summer. But, most are gone by now. This sole flower was beautiful though. ^^

Probably ** Sorbus glabrescens - white-fruited rowan** a native Chinese plant.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly :notes: (plant family: 黐木科 もちのきか )

Not rowan, but what’s-its-name tree?..this morning my brain does not function. They’re a bit more majestic than the wild rowan. I wonder if the berries are edible? :thinking: (note: do your research!)

Rowan berries! (西洋七竈 or せいようななかまど for the tree)

I’m seriously contemplating picking some and making jam or jelly!


I always enjoy your nature 写真(しゃしん). :slight_smile:
I hear rowan berries referred to as service berries.
According to Wikipedia, it was said in England that this was the tree on which the Devil hanged his mother. Darling child. :neutral_face:

We bake the squash in the oven as shown. This winter we will just add it randomly to soups as well. I have made a spice pumpkin soup in the past: pumpkin, tomato juice, apple juice, peanut butter, onions, hot peppers is how I remember it.
For now, I am cutting them down the middle, chopping the ends off, removing the seeds, and filling big freezer bags. My freezer is now becoming stuffed.

Also, I should post pictures, we are getting figs every day! Our neighbors gave us two trees last year, and they have thrived. Classically, we are too far North for figs. But I often see them grown on the South side of homes here, surviving and bearing fruit. Ours are just down in the lawn, but I covered them last winter, and intend to continue that. They are so yummy!

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I love fresh figs! :yum: Goes well with savory stuff! Fig jam and blue cheese is nothing to sneeze at either! :drooling_face: So yum! They are super expensive here though. So I rarely buy them. Y_Y Hoping to see pics of your fig threes later! ^^

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