Games for immersion?

I´ve used a couple of games for immersion. Right now I´m playing some Yo-kai watch 4. It has furigana for all of the kanji which is really nice, it isn´t fully voiced though. I´ve gotten way faster at reading in a very short time, so I´m planning to continue using video games as immersion of course. Eventually, when my reading is fast enough, I will watch Japanese series etc with subtitles.

So what I´m wondering right now is; what games do you guys recommend for immersion? Any games that are both fully voiced and have furigana? And what are your thoughts on furigana in general?

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DragonQuest 11 has furigana and only progresses when you press a button. But, you gotta import it; int versions (or at least NA) don’t have Japanese.


Furigana are good for words you already know. But fun games with furigana are hard to find.

These games don’t have furigana, but you won’t need them to complete the games and enjoy the content.

-captain tsunasa ps2
-final fanatsy XV
-pro yakyuu
-winning eleven japanese version
-Hajime no ippo ps3
-K1 fighting gp ps2


I’ll throw in Final Fantasy X here as well, or any Final Fantasy game in fact, but I personally got over the top confused by the amount of Katakana :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t mind the games being unvoiced, it’s fairly easy to get your hands on some old Japanese NES and SNES games which were too obscure to get an official translation. Other than Pizza Ninja Cats (mostly Hiragana), I don’t think they’ll have furigana in them, though.

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I´ve already played through FF15 once, so playing it again in Japanese might be pretty fun. Is there a lot of kanji in it though? I like furigana, but I have one problem with it. My eyes automatically aim for the furigana instead of the kanji, even though I might know the kanji.

I´ve noticed that video games use a lot of katakana. I´ve gotten somewhat used to it after playing yo-kai watch for a few hours. It´s nice to get some practice with katakana for a change.

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Ni no Kuni is a great game as well. :slight_smile: also has furigana.



Genshin Impact is not 100% voiced but has served me well in just hearing the language. I like to run around in the cities and hear the NPCs talk. I’m using it with English subtitles but I think you could switch it to Japanese as well. Not sure about furigana.
Some of the characters speak very strangely though to emphasize personality traits, different origins and social status, so it might be better to not learn phrases from them :stuck_out_tongue: But I find it useful in learning to distinguish different verb forms and levels of politeness :slight_smile:


I´ve played some of it. My original plan was to play it in Japanese, but the voice actor for that teddy bear thingy is fantastic in English :joy:

I would say Final Fantasy X is not the best option. Sure, you can play through it (that’s possible with every game as long as you have very basic knowledge), but the cutscenes will go way over your head. They’re fast and can’t be paused, the subtitles will only help if you’re already pretty advanced.

I haven’t played it in English, but in Japanese the thingy speaks Kansai-ben… it’s really funny and very good practice for some dialect immersion :laughing:

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About Drippy (the “thingy” in Ni No Kuni)…

Seriously, I need the subs even for his English :smiley:

There is as much kanji as any shounen anime. The USA version has the japanese voice and subtitles.

It’s normal that your eyes go straight for the furigana. Mines do the same too if they are present.

Definitely Ni No Kuni, Yokai watch and Dragon Quest. Those are what I started to play for the immersion. If you want a challenge (a biiiig one) try Persona 5 or any Persona game I guess.

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