Future Kanji in Context Sentences

I know this topic has come up before and I think there has been some cleaning up to ensure that at least in the early levels, Context Sentences only contain previously taught Kanji. I’ve just hit level 11 and started to notice a lot more kanji that I haven’t been taught. I don’t mind this at all, as it’s good to start introducing other kanji before they appear in the levels.
In fact, in many cases I prefer this to writing out unknown kanji in hiragana - if I don’t know the word yet, I’d rather see the kanji and it’s easier to look up that way. I just came across “この仕事は、交通ひこみですか?”, and online dictionaries really seemed to struggle to figure out the “ひこみ”.
I finally figured out it should be “この仕事は交通費込みですか?”, but that would have been much easier if I’d just had the (unknown) kanji in the first place instead of the hiragana! (maybe with furigana for the unknown kanji :pray:?)


Yep, this has been a complaint for many people for many years.

The least they could do is have a script that applies furigana to any kanji you haven’t yet gotten to guru and remove for those you have. But apparently the technology doesn’t exist yet (except in Bunpro and Satori, to name but 2)


I think Furigana across non-guru’d kanji would also be much preferrable to what they have now.
It’s the best of both worlds.


I second this request. I can recognise some kanji that I haven’t studied in wanikani yet, so why not show kanji with furigana? Heck, the first kanji I’ve ever learned is 私 and it’s level 6, so I’m not “supposed” to know it yet.