Funny ways to remember Radicals

So I finally reached lvl 10 (WOOOOOO!) and I came upon a really funny radical name “Geoduck”. I had never heard of this word before and went to go look it up and was like “oh…cool”. It was hard for me to remember this so I made my own Mnemonic. I bring you the real Geoduck. He doesn’t look like much but he’ll rock your world and things will go swimmingly from here on out. Here’s your mnemonic:

Even though Geoduck loves to swim with shell-ders, he is doubly weak to grass, that’s why there’s a leaf stuck to his head. To remind him of how useless he is when fighting grass types.

What are some of your ways of remember Radicals or kanji meanings. I want to see some interesting ones.


My current favorite is “How the heck does that look like an alligator? I’m sorry, no. I can’t see that at all. It’s just セ with an extra line.” For 也.

I find confused rage is a useful mnemonic.


I despise clowns in general and wasn’t thrilled with 咅, so for me that radical is ‘microphone’ because it’s a mouth with a stand.

Which was nice for 部, because the building with microphones is obviously a karaoke place, which has many rooms/parts for people to sing.

I also still prefer ghost for 周, so when it comes to 調: if you hear a ghost say something, it’s time to investigate with Mrs. Chou.

ohhhh that’s a very good way to remember 部

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