Free Koichi and the new reading for 重

Koichi, I think you and the more reasonable of Wani’s subscribers understand that the best mnemonics are ones that STRONGLY connect the reading and meaning of a kanji. Your new mnemonic for 重 is the antithesis of that so I sincerely wish you hadn’t given in to those belly-achers. Any person can be heavy so there’s absolutely no connection between “heavy” and “Jew”. In the previous mnemonic, there were the elements of pockets and gold/money acting as breadcrumbs leading to the answer for the question of “What is heavy?”. Your new mnemonic erases the trail from question to answer, resulting in a mnemonic that’s no more useful than rote memorization.

To the people who precipitated this, please release Koichi and the rest of his subscribers from the responsibility of catering to your pointless and myopic whining.

A Reasonable Jew

P.S. Below is what I was going to post in the original thread but it was closed before I could submit.

This thread is preposterous. While everyone’s harping from their platform of sensitivity, why not bring up mnemonics that use disparaging stereotypes of women (and occasionally men)? What about people who are offended by all the use of poop? Maybe there are some vegans out there who find frog skin and dead chicken imagery offensive?

The point is that caving in to an absurd demand like this is a slippery slope. If you’re really here to learn, you should complain about obviously lazy and useless mnemonics (which, despite being the minority, do exist to an annoying degree). And even to that, one could say “Make up your own, the tools are there”. So there aren’t any valid complaints to be leveled against the mnemonics.

Lastly, and even more pointedly, I am Jewish and I take absolutely no offense to these mnemonics. Is it because I’m insensitive to my own race and history? Certainly not. I used to walk an hour home from high school until my friend’s cousin suddenly started driving the two of us home. A couple of days in, we drive by a Yeshiva where the kids are just being let out and the cousin says some pretty heinous shit. After that I declined to take any more rides. So what’s the difference between that and Koichi’s mnemonics? Intention.

The cousin was the sort of person who drove around with window-rattling subwoofers and raged at other drivers from his seat while performing reckless driving maneuvers to get an inch ahead. I disliked this predatory scumbag from the start, but his comment about Jews made his aggression feel very personal. I’ve never observed Koichi’s behavior in such a fashion, but if his body of mnemonics is any indication of his personality (and how could it not be), then why on Earth would I be offended when this light-hearted jokester makes a reference to a silly stereotype?

I guess the question is: Can offense be taken if it isn’t given? I don’t think so. What I think when I see offense being taken baselessly is that the offendee is an attention-seeking, virtue-signaling, humorless BUTT, incapable of distinguishing subjective and objective reality.


It sounds like this decision was made by the tofugu team prior to the thread that was just locked so they aren’t giving in to a thread of whining but a presumably civil email between two people. Is there a need to keep dragging this out?

You can always add your own mnemonic in the notes if you prefer the old one.

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You end up denying a man a steak because a baby can’t chew it. You don’t fix problems by controlling peoples sense of humors, their thoughts and words. That shuts down valid criticisms. You shouldn’t act on behalf of crybabies, they end up pushing for more and more and in the end you cannot win. If something bothers you and it’s nothing in your personal life like a joke or something on the internet, grow up. If you’re so concerned over the well being of jewish people, direct that towards actual causes and not tick non anti-sematic people like me off.

Jokes are jokes, stereotypes are stereotypes and trying to change other peoples work is just something I’m sick of seeing.

Grow up


You talking to me or Mnemosyne? Because that’s exactly the slippery slope I was talking about.

just putting in my 2 cents, didn’t get a chance to in the other thread

Ah. I thought you were addressing me specifically, which didn’t make sense because I’m saying what you’re saying. Thanks for the contribution to the reasonable side of this argument.

I really don’t think we need to repeat this discussion ad nauseam.

Also several of your points were addressed in the last thread.

Hi everyone,

I understand both sides, and appreciate everyone’s sentiments. I don’t think either side is particularly right or wrong, to be honest, but the main reason I changed it was because of the current political climate in the US and around the world. It made me realize that while most of you here are all pretty savvy and educated, not everyone understands what stereotyping can do, and how it can encourage nasty things.

Let’s not keep creating threads to discuss this though, okay? I’m probably not going to change it back or anything, so let’s just move forward from here and enjoy our new Jewish friend who thinks he needs to get heavy to get into heaven.