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I remember a similar discussion on the older forums. Back then we all agreed that it would only be problematic. Without private messaging no problems between users can arise.

If you have something to say, share it will everyone. Think of this feature as whispering. We are a community of learners so the best comparison might be that we’re a class. Alright, now imagine someone whispering in the back. It could be anything, they could be exchanging tips. But it’s a distraction.

You sure have a lot of faith in humanity.

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Okay, let me rephrase it. “Without private messaging no serious problems between users can arise.” No one can truly harass others without being punished as a result when it’s visible to everyone. They would expose themselves too easily.
Oh. As I’m typing this I’m realising it was a joke. Oh well then.

Okay, new idea - what if users had possibility of turning on/off the ability to receive private messages? So if someone doesn’t want to be bothered in private they just turn it off and icon ‘Send private message’ doesn’t appear on their profile? Do you think it would work better?

It’s only a feature almost every forum on the internet has. Along with every other social media platform.

You lock admins out of PMs, you allow an individual to block PM’s from someone “harassing” them and you let people be adults.

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I would also love the ability to PM but it seems the admins are standing firm with their decision.

Is there a thread that has a list of all the WK community stuff that’s outside of WK? By that I mean anything from a Skype group to Team Speak/Ventrilo, etc? I’ve seen mentions of such groups here and there on the forum but it would be nice to have all that in a central location so that those of us who want to reach out to fellow WaniKani-ers (especially those like myself who haven’t yet but would like to) have the ability to do so with multiple options to choose from.

Just a thought. Feel free to tell me to shut up.



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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In case that’s not everything, the pinned Campfire Table of Contents thread also lists some things.

By getting the discobot to PM me and inviting another user, I was technically able to create a “private” chatroom.

Link: https://community.wanikani.com/t/robot-Greetings/17834/19
I believe this is only accessible to me, plantron and admins.

Maybe this is a problem, maybe not. Just letting you know, @viet
(I don’t actually know whose responsibility this is)


We are aware of this and thus the reason why the bot has been disabled.


Reviving this to ask if you can at least get rid of this message?


Poor @Rowena now gets all the replies :rofl:


That’s the way it has to be, unfortunately.


Seems that your suggestion has been ignored?

Eh. :man_shrugging:

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That is a built in mechanism with Discourse. Can’t find a way to disable it or at least alter the copy to remove the PM reference. I’ll send a inquiry on how to drop it if PMs are disabled.


Okay. I was pointed to the settings I needed to get this done.

I altered the copy to not mention private messages.

I also upped the threshold for when this message shows up. It was set to 3 mentions of the same person in the same topic. I upped it to 8 for no good reason other than it is a lucky number.