Forum Connection Errors

Aye, that. :cry:

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I see a different error

Sorry, we couldn't load 
that topic, possibly due to 
a connection problem. 
Please try again. If the 
problem persists, let us 

That’s what I get originally, but if I try to refresh it, I get the “Oops” message above.

I get the same on the complaining is (still) a must thread

Yup, same. It looks like specific threads are blackholed. Hopefully not permanently.


That’s ironic


The end has begun. UwU…the ancient crabigator prophecy has finally come true

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The Welcome to the WaniKani Community post is gone too.

It has begun.


I had to complain in another thread that I wanted to complain but the complaining thread was down :sob:


This happened to me with almost every thread I tried to visit this morning. (A few hours ago)

Yes, same. For me it’s the Yotsuba&! thread.

Can also confirm that I can’t access any of those linked by others above, so presumably it definitely is a thread-specific problem rather than a user-specific problem.

I also got the ‘detailed information logged’ message, followed now by the simple ‘connection error’ message.

I was first on about 5 hours ago, and there’s been no change since then.

Yeah, and the Yotsuba thread has unread posts for me, so I keep coming back and going “hey look, there’s a notification… oh, wait.”


Me too… Every few minutes… (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻


Haha, glad it’s not just me :grin: literally the only unread thread in the reading section… ヽ(・`ω´・メ)ノ

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You know the connection errors are bad when the person whose title literally has them putting the table back is flipping the table!

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I got that title for… Flipping tables :sweat_smile:


Ooo. Yotsuba thread just loaded.


I think it’s back up for me too.

That’s just the dramatic build-up to the flip :stuck_out_tongue:

And yep, all seem to be back for me too. Phew!

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