Forgetting kanji/vocab

Thank you, this is such a great advice for beginners like me. I guess this will help solve my problem in creating sentences. I don’t have much problem with understanding a simple sentence or question (provided that it uses vocabs and grammar structure that I’m already familiar with). However, I’m still rather on the slow side when it comes to creating sentences (especially questions) from scratch. Probably because I haven’t been able to truly “think in Japanese”.

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Learning a language is a major, lifelong undertaking.

WK is input training. Lots of input training is a mandatory pre-requisite for output, but ultimately, output will only improve if you practice output (as you are).

It’s hard to be patient and focus on progress rather than inadequacies, but we all would be happier if we did.

I can assure you that your progress is faster than mine. I had my first Japanese lesson in 1975, and still struggle with output (speaking and writing). You can already read more than I could just a couple years ago.


This happened to me, solution was to find a way daily to make me remember what I have learned or burned

Anime with japanese subtitles was great for me, it is only 20min per episode, I can increase my reading pace following what is being said and also new meanings for words I had learned from WK before and a method to keep them fresh in my memory.

I am not into books, not even in Enlish or my native language, so anime is the way to go, you could find something else of course, it cannot be a chore, otherwise you will be overwhelmed.