For those of you who have practiced their grammar, how did you master words/phrases like "this one" and "that one"?

I started chapter 2 in my Genki textbook and just saw the list of words and phrases like kore, sore, are, dore, etc. For words this short that sound remarkably similar, what tips would you suggest for learning these? Thank you!

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This is a family of related words that all start with ko, so, a, and do, and so they are called… kosoado words. Dun dun dun.

So maybe learning one set of them would be tricky, but then you learn all the other sets and they all obey the same rules

ko = close to the speaker
so = close to the listener
a = far from both the speaker and the listener
do = question word

So then when you learn the ones for position, koko, soko, asoko, doko… You just already know them.

And you probably already know the word そう as in like… そうですね. But it’s actually part of the same set… こう, そう, ああ, どう

It’s quite nice really.


This is a tremendous explanation, thanks a ton, Leebo! I’m sure it’ll take me some time to work out all the thinks, but the explanation of the familial relations between the words is a huge help conceptually. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to help out.