Flo's Study Log

It might make it easier and more focused if you’d start thinking about it like this - you have such an important personal real life goal - you want to be able to speak with specific people. Try to take a minute and break it down into specifics. You probably wanted to talk about specific things with your girlfriends grandpa, and couldn’t find the word or form the sentences.
However your daily study plan has close to none when it comes to speaking, and doesn’t reflect your needs.
Find a tutor either online or irl, and practice having conversations. Start making a recorded diary describing your day, the weather, your thoughts, your lunch, your job, your hobbies.
When you read things - read out-loud.
Listen to podcasts, watch tv and movies and streaming and such.
Mimic the dialogue you watch on tv, learn and recite a podcast transcript.
You can find a lot of resources here The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
Build your study around your main goal, and it’s good to remember that most humans learn to speak before they learn to read, yes it’s helpful when you already have the skills as an adult but it is also what prevents many adults from jumping head first when it comes to speaking, the notion that you need to know enough words and grammar first.
And don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be silly - that’s the best way to learn.