Flaming Durtles mislabel vocab as radicals

Hi, I was changing the advanced settings so that I can finish the previous level’s vocab before moving into the current level. Now I am having an issue where it is labeling vocab as radicals. What can I do?

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isn’t it a ‘kana only’?

it classifies it as radical

also, flaming is discontinued, smouldering durtles is the app maintained nowadays

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Smouldering Durtles is a fork of the no longer maintained Flaming Durtles specifically designed to address this issue.

Smouldering Durtles on Google Play
GitHub source


As others have said, this is a new type of words recently added, a “kana”, it doesn’t have a kanji version so the app detects it as a “radical”.
You can keep using Flaming Durtles as it is and level up as usual with passing real radicals and kanjis, just know that the definition “radical” is wrong sometimes. Or if it’s confusing get the new app Smouldering Durtles instead (I’m still using Flaming Durtles because I’m lazy and it works fine)