"Fist of the North Star" Innovative ebook 革新的な電子本「全巻一冊 北斗の拳」

Dual language ebook for Fist of the North Star. Looks pretty promising.


"Printed books are still more popular than eBooks though more than 10 years have passed since eBooks appeared. Everyone has different reasons for preference. Basically, we could say current eBooks are not able to impress readers who prefer printed books to eBooks. That’s why we have created eOneBook which evolved printed books into new form.

A legendary Japanese manga “Fist of the North Star” will fascinate you with a new reading experience that you have never had before. All episodes of “Fist of the North Star (collected in 18 volumes of printed books)” and “He Who Rides With Me (a bonus episode)” and both Japanese and English versions are packed into just ONE book by the latest technology. eOneBook has been created to address several challenges that current eBook readers have. You will get immersed in the innovative reading experience and really feel the story."

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That looks like a pretty cool project!

…and I suddenly have a gripe that I wish it had a USB-rechargeable battery. Oh well, still neat.

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