[Feature Request] Different Font Styles for Lesson Notes

Right now, there’s no special font stylings you can use while taking notes during lessons. I feel like I know that many users including myself could benefit if some were added.

Just adding some bold, italicized, or underlined options could really go a long way to help remember mnemonics and kanji readings.

I know that not everyone uses the notes or even mnemonics, but it would greatly help the ones that do.

Thank you!

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There’s a script that allows you to use Markdown in notes


しまった you got there ahead of me.

Yeah, it’s this script:


That’s real neat. I never thought about it enough seek out a better way, but I kept using CAPITAL letters for the stuff in my notes that I wanted to give extra emphasis. Not the neatest way to do it, but worked well enough I guess.

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