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Welcome to Week 13 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Thoughts on this week

Not sure if I really liked this bad ending. A lot of it felt kind of overdramatic? I don’t really know why Miharu got so upset and worried after she told her secret to everyone. Rinka and Naomi didn’t seem that mad but Miharu made it into a bigger deal than it needed to be. It also felt uncharacteristic of her to fall for Scale’s trap to nominate Rinka. Seemed weird that Federico won the whole thing after that too, I figured he’d be the least likely person left to make it out. I think the first bad end was a lot more interesting.


It feels pretty rushed from Bad Choice to Bad End. Like, already? Maybe the storywriter doesn’t have an idea…

Frederico winning, I am OK with it. Maybe I don’t know much about him yet.(More like just a side weak character for now.)

This week's spoilers ™

I still feel very confused about how the nomination works. I am very frustrated by the fact that the VN totally skips how Scale’s nomination of Miharu plays out, because I had hopes I could finally understand how it worked. Instead we get to see things from Federico’s point of view, and his inner thoughts made it seem that either I completely misunderstood what he was saying, or he’s just as confused as I am about how defending works.

Random thought: when Miharu reveals that she’s the winner of the previous selection - she says that she was less than one year old when that selection happens. Well, what do you know, Rinka’s parents die shortly after giving birth, which would have happened when Miharu was also a baby, given that they are close in age. Coincidence? Given my understanding of this VN, probably, yes.

I concur that this bad ending was weird in the sense that it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of what has been going on.

From my (vague) understanding, Miharu seems very emotionally unstable, but after what happened Scale was the last person I expected to be able to convince her. The VN says in this ending that Scale was a pretty smooth talker, but that’s the last impression I had of him so far. I don’t feel anybody really trusted him or believed him at all - even Federico, who’s clearly not the smartest of characters, talks about Scale’s web of lies and stuff. I think even someone mentions how false his annoying laugh is?

Overall, it felt really forced - like the writer had to make a mandatory extra bad ending and had run out of ideas.


The flow should be like this:

Scale nominates Miharu. Miharu, in turn, defends herself with three cards of Scale. Scale then reveals one of his own cards(e.g. his name card) to all members and destroys her defense.
Scale freely shared his name with others IRL so what held him back from doing the same here? He had no reason to hesitate, considering he hadn’t revealed any of his cards before.
Miharu had already revealed two of her cards. In a competition for the nomination right, she stands no chance.

Defense mechanics

Thanks for explaining, but I still don’t get it… If it’s really like you say, why on earth didn’t Miharu get dropped? There was absolutely no reason for Scale to hold back on revealing his name card, because like you mentioned, everybody knew it already. But Miharu was not dropped.

Also, I was under the impression that revealing a card was something that was done to get priority with conflicting nominations, which is not the case here.

That’s why I wanted to see how a defense played out =._.=


The defense



I assume it turns into a nomination right battle after the initial reveal(?) This is explained as follows:



I want to see that also. I’m unable to make sense of it.

Skale reveals his name card, destroys Miharu’s defense.
Miharu reveals her last card, gets the right to nominate/drop Skale. This move makes sense because she will be dropped anyway.
Now Skale has to reveal another card to nominate/drop Miharu.
Probably Skale thought how it would go and found revealing two cards was too risky. He chose not to act in the end.


I think we talked about this in week 1 and the PS4 text is a little clearer (though still a bit obscure, so it would indeed have been nice to see an example played out).

The PS4 text seems clear that the defence mechanism is separate from nominations, which fits what we saw – Scale nominated Miharu, then the defence part happens on the upper floor where the target can select the nominator’s three cards if they have them. This matches what happened with Federico vs Odette too. But I agree with @heikimi that I don’t understand why Scale couldn’t or didn’t use the defence-breaking option then.


Oh, and I agree about the odd-feeling bad end. I wonder if they wanted to have each bad end have a different character winning, and this was Federico’s?