Extra Study Mode

I have fixed the problem – the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements are now in the label instead of in the input. The nice side-effect is that it’s now unaffected by Breeze Dark :slight_smile:

Furthermore, I have updated the positioning of the switch so that it does not overlap the gear of the new Extra Study Mover script.

I noticed this, but I thought that likely nobody wants to access the downloads during reviews anyway, so I did overwrite it intentionally. But if you think that overwriting browser behavior should be avoided regardless, I can change it to ALT + J in the next update.

Since the fetch-wrapping-method seems to work more reliable than I expected, I might do that. I just wanted to wait for feedback from the beta testers. :wink: However, I’m not sure if I should put them all in one thread, or create separate threads.