Extension of Shake Animation and Messages

This is exactly how I feel. I often mix up which is being asked for, when I absolutely know which is the kanji reading and which is the vocab reading. I fully support this resulting in a “shake” instead of an automatic wrong answer. (I already use the Doublecheck script to do this manually but I think it’s a good idea to make it a native part of WK.)


OH MY GOSH!! n typos… LET’S GO!!! I am so excited for this patch!! I used to power through all my reviews and I always got so frustrated at something like this… I’m so excited to see this come out!! Sorry, too much energy. Come summer I’m going to get back into WaniKani, and this is great news! (Level 17 now.)

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Not marking ん typos as wrong sounds amazing.
Does that mean 深夜 will shake if I typo it as しにゃ instead of しんや ?

Because I swear I could throw myself out of the window every time I make this typo, which is like every time the review comes up.

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Does that mean 深夜 will shake if I typo it as しにゃ instead of しんや ?

Yes that’s what it means :grin:

Huuuuh, I see. I’ve been getting one of these but it appeared after I’d gotten it wrong, the message popped up in the next item. I think it was kanji reading on vocab. It’s probably because of lightning mode.

For the kanji 思, if I type the old reading instead of the new reading, I get the message that looks like


Notice the boxes at the end that didn’t show up correctly. All scripts were disabled when this was taken.

Thanks for letting us know @Tomaranai! Were you using any scripts when this happened?

Thanks @est_fills_cando! What browser are you using? It should look like this:

It works on our end, but we can always remove it if it’s not displaying properly on some browsers/devices.

My screenshot was from Chrome. It looks like the font in your screenshot is different from the font in mine. Is it possible that some of the fonts you guys have selected for the website don’t support that character?

Edit: Even if the fonts are the same, my guess is that the font not supporting the character is still the problem. It might work for you because the web browser is using another fonts installed on your computer to render that one character. However, different operating systems come with different fonts installed so this won’t work for everyone.

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For reviews I’ve been using Double-Check, Confusion Guesser, Jitai, Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews and Katakana Madness.

Also these, just in case

Open Framework
^and Additional Filters
Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown
Self-Study Quiz
Item Inspector
Ultimate Timeline

I think it has to do with Double-Check since the others don’t affect input. Maybe it’s missing the new condition?

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My fork of the doublecheck script has better compatibility with some of these changes compared to the original script. You might try using that instead for a little while and seeing if that helps.


Ay, thanks. I’ll check it out.
Edit: Yeap, it works.

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Thanks @est_fills_cando! I’ve removed the emoji to avoid confusion when it doesn’t display properly.

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Glad it’s working now!

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I would really appreciate a shake animation if the error is only in the Hiragana/Katakana part of a vocabulary. For some reason I regularly manage to make a typo there. Probably because I’m too focused on the Kanji or something like that :sweat:

If you want, you can install a userscript which does exactly that:

But I agree, it would be nice to have that natively as well.


I don’t know if this is the correct thread, but was there a new change to how reviews work? Both the old double-check and its fork now have some strange behavior when giving a wrong answer on reading, if it’s wrong and you press enter it skips to the next card, if you click on the arrow instead the page refreshes and becomes:
So it’s impossible to correct things or look at what was wrong. This happens regardless of settings or other addons.
@est_fills_cando has this happened to you?

Update to the latest unforked DoubleCheck (v2.2.30)


Will do, thank you.

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