Entering Kanji while doing reviews

Hello, would it be possible to enter kanji into the box instead of letters?
Because i often do my reviews via phone with voice recognition. (i know, lazy, right?)
Or is it on purpose, that kanji don’t work, so that you don’t just copy it from above.

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The program is testing whether you know the reading, so entering the kanji would defeat the purpose. If you enter 火山 for example, there is no way to check whether you actually knew it was read かざん, or you actually just said ひ and やま to get your IME to enter the correct kanji.


Heh, I do this ALL the time when I am trying to type stuff out in Japanese (not on WK) or look up compounds on Jisho.


If you want to study the reverse, i.e. entering kanji when prompted with the English definition, check out KameSame

It is a great way to reinforce learning & has been helping me a lot.

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