Effects of losing your drive on WK

As you can see, I’ve hit some kind of threshold first at level 30 and then at level 35 where I just stopped caring about doing my reviews and obsessing about leveling.

Increasing review counts were of course an side effect, but looking at the WK TimeMachine, I found something interesting:

My burn speed has been pretty stable while my apprentice cards are still growing after 45 days at current level… Currently around 220 apprentice cards and I’m determined not to take new lessons until I hit 100 apprentices again.

I think there is some hope getting back to track, but it is really hard to keep motivation with COVID-19 preventing me from travelling and Netflix / Amazon Prime not releasing new Japanese series in Finland for me to watch and my VPN doesn’t work with Netflix currently… iTalki is my only remaining bastion with about 2 hours or casual talk with tutor weekly, but I find I need my kanji studies surprisingly little with that currently.


if you’re not using what you’ve learned here, then it’s not really a wonder if you start finding WK useless
i’d say start reading, there’s tons of stuff you can read, especially at your level, and not only is it fun, it will help you consolidate your kanji, and give you a reason to keep working at it!
read whatever you enjoy, you can read some news, or some manga/light novel/actual book if you think you’re ready. there are even a few books about japanese culture written in japanese, or even art books!
you can either buy physical copies if you like owning them, buy ebooks, or “buy” ebooks, honestly, you have so much to choose from and so many ways to get there that im sure you will find a way to make it pleasureable
i read a bit of manga every night, and it wasnt great at first since i didnt get anything, but now that im a bit more advanced, i can get the gist of it, and the images allow me to understand a lot more.
it’s become really enjoyable, and it’s exciting to see new kanji you’ve just learnt or to review old kanji you were almost forgetting about!
i would recommend reading without looking anything up though, because if you do, it becomes way more of a chore than some fun leisure time. personally i really just look forward to it and wouldnt even count it as studying, i just have fun with it! so it’s extra studying time without having to put in the effort, its just relaxing


Yeah, I’m probably picking up VNs again, DenpaSoft VNs have nice dual language versions which can be swapped between japanese and translation easily to check for the crux of the sentence after I think I have comprehension on it.

The leeches on WK are the worst, they… just… keep… coming…back. And I’m no longer sure how much do I gain from burning some of the vocab entries that just went from enlightened to apprentice again (eg. 欠かす 欠ける)or geting the 顔面 wrong as がめん for millionth time.

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Worst time wasters from “The Struggle”

Out ot these I especially love 当てる 当たる combo

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Wow thanks for introducing me to these websites! These are awesome!

Edit: The struggle isn’t working for me? It is saying something about “length”

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