Editing Polls


I made a thread and I wanted to make the polls public. I’ve posted them and now they’re uneditable? What would be the best way to circumnavigate around this? Delete the thread and start a new one?

Yeah; either delete and make a new thread or delete the polls in the OP and add polls in comments to which you link. Actually… I wonder if it would be possible to delete the polls in the OP and then add them back as public. No idea.

I thought I’d read somewhere that you have 2 hours (or two days???) to edit a poll like that. Probably hours…

Urgh. How very inconvenient…

It’s 5 minutes

That’s it? O.o

Yeah, if you’ve made any poll so far try editing it, it will say that it can’t be edited after 5 minutes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I did have two in the dream thread, and was actively editing them… So I had no problem. ^_^;

Try again now, it’s what it says


Odd. I couldn’t edit after like a few minutes.

I think it was definitely within those 5 minutes… Probably even within two minutes. That’s what I’m saying.