Dstahn’s Study Guide

Welcome to the WK community!
I wanted to link the WK guide made by a (famous) WK user:

I also wanted to give you three tips that I wished I had known when I started here:

  1. The time WK requires will increase more and more, now you should have little to do on WK. Use this time to get ahead on other areas.
  2. This website is Kanji-focused. Even the vocabulary is kanji focused and some time not the most useful (not useless, just not the best for a beginner). Study vocabulary somewhere else since the beginning. (As a side effect it’ll help you learn some WK words more easily)
    You have already used Anki, so maybe check this:
  3. Grammar! Tofugu say wait till you are lv 10, some people will wait till they are lv 60. Well, don’t! The sooner the better. Use the surplus time of the first easy levels to bring yourself to a suitable level to join the reading clubs.

There’s also a (long) wiki with all resources on this community page.

Anyway welcome! I hope you’ll see improvements and fall in love with WK like we did.