Drawings proposal and confusion about kanji vs. vocab readings

mnemonics don’t presume you need visuals, the description is visually evocative. That’s what makes it a mnemonic. But, to rather point you in a better direction for what you need, there have been various attempts to visualize kanji and vocab, on this forum as well. I suggest you check them out and see if they can help you on your way.



I forget the name of the user that did drawings themselves to represent the mnemonics! I wanted to link that, but didn’t find it on my first search. Check the forums for more examples, like that!

I can’t give you a rating on how good they are, as I never used them myself. I only use some of the mnemonics after all, and I don’t need additional visual aids to memorize things outside of my own brain thankfully.

I wish you good luck with your studies! ^>^