Doramoji (Doraemon kanji game) for Nintendo Switch

ドラもじ のび太の漢字大作戦 (Doramoji Nobita no Kanji Daisakusen), a kanji-writing practice Doraemon game, is now available on the Nintendo Switch via the Japanese eShop for 1,100 yen. There is also a retail release that includes three other Doraemon learning games (math, brain training and English), called ドラえもん学習コレクション. Doramoji was originally released on the 3DS.

I was concerned that using the Switch’s stylus (from Brain Age) would make writing awkward, like going from a pen to a Sharpie, but the writing is as thin as it was on the 3DS. Obviously, it’s to be used solely in handheld mode, since it uses the Switch’s touch screen. There isn’t any demo for the game, but if you search for videos of the 3DS version, that will give an idea of how it runs.

Though I do own the 3DS version, the advantage of getting the Switch version is two-fold: 1. the game is digitally installed on my Switch rather than requiring to take along my Japanese New 3DS XL, and 2. the screen is sharper on the Switch. I think it’s a good purchase if you own a Switch and have a Japanese eShop account.


Bought it a couple of weeks ago, greatly enjoying fighting the pesky 字魔. Tried writing with fingers at first, but had to resort to Super Mario Maker 2 stylus. : )

I like that it saves your scribbles that you can revisit in the 練習 section and gives decent feedback on the kanji balance and stroke order. So far, a nice optional reading comprehension supplement, and the best digital writing practice.

By the way, holding the Switch vertically is really awkward; there’s an option for left- and right-handed horizontal orientation, I find it much more convenient.

Oh, thanks for the heads up about changing the orientation. :slight_smile:

I was looking at the physical release of this for the other games, especially the maths as I am diabolical with japanese numbers. If anyone’s tried them I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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