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Yeah, but then you’d also get even more people complaining that WK is making the system slow to drain people’s wallets. I think this is one of those darned if they do, darned if they don’t type of situations. But not a bad idea, honestly. Sometimes I’d wish the system actually did work that way.

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Most users don’t use reorder scripts and wouldn’t notice any difference.

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Sure, I’m just saying that there are already people like this:

This change would just be another excuse for these same type of people to complain about how WK is supposedly milking them for cash.

But as I said, I would like the change personally.


I may be in the minority but I gladly threw my money at WaniKani and wouldn’t and won’t stop doing until I am done. They gave me an amazing tool that did two things I never thought possible.

  1. Got me off my…back end… and started me learning again
  2. Gave me the ability to learn and RETAIN Kanji

But that’s me and I am doing this for me.

The vocab helps because it will reinforce your kanji learning and makes it easier to remember kanji readings/meanings when you get them back for reviews later.

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Hi! Thanks for the responses. Yes, I do vocabulary, and yes I also used the reorder script( I was following a guide). I guess my problem was, I do the radicals and kanji first before going to do the vocabulary. However, I only limit myself to a few items per day(say 15 items), so what happens is, before I run out of my vocabulary, I level up and new vocabulary is added. So yeah I was wondering if this was happening to other people, and what they were doing, like maybe have separate sessions or days where I focus entirely on vocabulary and not do kanji, or something like that.

I guess based on some of the responses, the answer to my question would be to try to do all my vocabs before leveling up.

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Yeah, I was actually surprised at first that I didn’t require vocabs to level up.

The solution to that is to either do more lessons or slow down on the leveling. I’ve found that 24 lessons per day works well.

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