Does anyone know the English parts of speech well?

Hi Everyone, long time lurker, first time poster here!

I’ve found that one of my blindspots in learning Japanese is that I don’t really know the English parts of speech very well (beyond what a verb, noun and adjective is). After looking it up, I then forget what e.g. a transitive verb is with remarkable speed! To make my life a bit easier I created the following site to parse through the parts of speech more quickly.

The definitions I got are from various corners of the internet. I don’t suppose anyone here has the knowledge or time to check through it? General feedback also welcome!

To be clear, this is a site to help people not a side-hustle.


The site doesn’t seem to want to load on my phone - will look again tomorrow on the PC (10pm here now, bedtime)

Very cool study sheet. I am no expert on the names of the parts, but the ones I do know looked good.


How peculiar, it might have been because I was making some minor changes. It should work on any device.

That’d be terrific though thank you!

I was made to learn this as a child.

— Dave

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Actually implementing something similar in my app, Hakubun, since I always forget certain parts of speech and mild inconvenience to look them up. I’m adding popover/dialog-like definitions for the parts of speech, similar to how you can hold down on a word on web and click “dictionary” on most phones. Great job on this, love the UI! I’m a big fan of Josh Comeau’s work and your buttons remind me of one of his tutorials lol

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Sorry for the delayed reply, that’s awesome to hear! How is your app going? Would love to see your implementation.