Do you skip mnemonics of words you already know?

Hello everyone I’m pretty new to the forums so it’s nice to meet everyone! よろしくおねがいします!
So like the title says: do you guys skip the mnemonics of words you already know? I study Japanese outside of WaniKani through school, Anki, and just from picking up words while living in Japan. I tend to skip the mnemonics of words and kanji I have already learned. Do you guys do the same? And is this okay to do? I’ve noticed that some mnemonics reference to other ones. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Yeah I do on some, or if the meaning is really obvious.


Yeah, but I usually at least skim them for elements that might be repeated for words I don’t know. For example, even if you know 工 is read as こう, you should still learn that WaniKani will use the character “Kouichi” for こう, and generally be a character seen in not nice attributes. Then, you can think “man, I hate this Koichi guy” so when you see something like 公 you can think about being disgusted by seeing everyone turn into Kouichi.

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For the kanji I already know I just quickly check the mnemonic to see if it’s introducing a character or concept that will be used in future mnemonics (like Mrs. Chou), but I don’t try to use the mnemonic.

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I am on a second pass through the early levels, and I pretty much remember it all, so I skip mnemonics. But even my first run through, I don’t think I paid much attention to most of the mnemonics.

ehh… kinda. I am pretty good at making mnemonics on my own and the owns you create yourself are considerably. But if I know the kanji or word already? Then I probably don’t pay much attention to their mnemonic devices. My appx skill level in kanji would be close to wanikani 40+ so I’m trying to power through the levels until I hit where I am skillwise. Once I reach my skill match I might be inclined to use their mnemonics or at least build off of them.

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