Do you know thoses textbook

have anyone buy any of thoses ?
i want to splurge but can’t find ANY reviews…sorry i don’t know how to make pics the same size:disappointed:

I used one of the last three - the blue one. All three of those are primarily intended for JLPT study.

did you finish?
how do you like it so far?

@luladoll, perhaps explaining your Japanese language learning objectives will help us find the best books for you.

I have the last two and the レベルアップ blue one. Haven’t finished them all but they are basically there for people around N3 level who want to really get the basics right.

i know the basics.
but grammar is really my weak point.
i have a lot of vocabulary but my structure sentences, forms and particules are mostly wrong.

my friends always tell me that they can understand everything i’m sayingoverall but that phrases one by one are not good

I mean, it’s basically a vocab drill book. I’m not sure what else to say beyond that. Personally, it’s not the best style of learning for me, but if you learn well from pictures, it may work.

i splurged and buyed everything… :blush:

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