Do you keep forum level when reseting?

Quick question. I reset my level from 19 to 1 yesterday, but noticed when commenting that it still said 19?
Will this stay 19 until I get back there or will it reset in time?
I do hope it stays, cause technically I am 19, I’m just doing a refresher on the older levels.
Wasn’t sure where to put this. Kind of question rather than help, but closer than the others I guess =)

I threw in the towel and restarted yesterday. I had gone too fast and pushed myself too hard; been more focused on getting the next level kanji than learning the vocab. The Vocab was taken in big batches when I had backlog, and suffered because of it. And when those big batches returned in reviews I just gave up. Decided that now I am familiar with 1/3 of the material, now I don’t need to rush to learn the next kanji. Will go from zero to reset stats and go at a slower pace, with a max 15 lessons per session and have done the 4 hour review before doing another (and max 2 sets a day anyway). Since a good number of vocab is unlocked at level up I will allow previous level’s vocab to be done after the first batch of kanji, but second bath will only be done after the vocab. This is the idea at least and I’ll try to follow it.

Speaking of. I would love if vocab had a unlock at one review earlier, giving you two days to finish them on the level they belong to. At that point you know the kanji well enough to start doing vocabs with them and avoid unlocking everything at once =)


Lesson learned: If you go too fast you will burn out before you burn your first turtle.

And answer received I guess. My level now say one =)

Levels on the forums always take some time to update, that’s probably the reason.


Yeah, had a feeling that could be it. Has been about 24 hours though.

Mine was already 4 days (笑).

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Wow, by that time we are usually half way to next level, hehe :wink:

Mine finally updated after leveling again. Which doesn’t help you when your level is 60. Probably something @viet is going to have to look into.

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I was about to say that’s a great idea then I realised this kind of already exists. If you’re going slower, you don’t guru all your kanji in one go and get 100+ items on level up. Instead your current level vocab will come with each individual kanji you guru.

Often, if I don’t feel like unlocking the next level, I’ll use the reorder script to deliberately hold back the four kanji that will take me past 90% guru. That way I also have a more manageable number of lessons when I do choose to level up.

Good luck second time round!

I use reorder script on lessons to make sure to get the older items first. So if anything I’ll probably chose to level but hold of learning the kanji if I need more time on the vocab. I have found doing the reviews once they come in on their intended repeat cycle is quite important for retention. The more I held of on guru items to work on my lesson/apprentice items the more I forgot them. By the time I tried doing my guru’s it had been there too long and no longer retained. This is basically why I reset =P

The forum level number should update immediately. Could be Discourses aggressive use of caching. Will add it to our list to investigate. Thanks for the info.

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It seems to be somewhat random. It took something above 24 hours when I reset (30 maybe), but now that it works again I have my new level that I just got a few hours ago already. But some of the others reported days, even a week, on normal leveling. So I’m glad we got noticed and brought it to your attention =^-^=

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