Distinguish similar kanji (wanikani 1-20) Flashcards | Quizlet

I’ve been struggling with similar kanji so I’ve made myself a quizlet to help me focus on them. I thought others might like it. If you test yourself using the test option then it will test you on similar kanji just from level 1 - 20, I found 20 questions a bit long so dropped it to 10 and then retest on the ones I got wrong. You can copy the quizlet and remove any terms that you don’t need to practice if you don’t like the kanji I’ve chosen. Let me know if you have any ideas for additional kanji I should add. (Or let me know if you spot mistakes)


Very useful, I just have a little spreadsheet with visually similar items that I refer to but this is very useful indeed. Are you going to create more as you progress through the levels?

I am planning to update as I go along - only level 21 just now. I’m a teacher so decided to pay for a teacher account this year (only £3.50 at the moment).

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Hey, 16/20 ain’t bad at all!

Especially when I wasn’t confused, I just went, “yeah, I don’t remember this one”.

Anyone else when the first started learning get confused with 体 and 休 because I’m still yet struggling

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I’ll add it in. I probably should have divided it up into 1-10 10-20 etc.

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