Discovering my love for language through WK

Ah, I think Genki mentions it somewhere, makes sense (sarcasm).

Now tell me again?, why are we this masochistic to want to learn japanese?

My selfish reason is that there is a world of amazing Japanese video games that haven’t been released in the West and I want to play them!


Boy are there ever more words like that!

I’m sure you could find just as much fun information embedded in many English words (just often Latin, Greek or German based) but I really enjoy how “on the surface” the etymology is since kanji carry meaning.


So yup! here I am back again with another post already :grin:.

I just completed my new lessons, and it was mainly about days, the first interesting thing I noticed was that 二日 the number comes before the day which is definitely going to take some getting use to.

The second thing I noticed is that, (at least from the lessons I have just done), the days have a pattern, much like when you’re saying 三つ three things and it ends in "つ” the days seem to always end in か or so I thought… there was 三日、七日、六日,十日. But then came 一日 WHERE IS THE KA??? nooooo ついたち is not ok! my beautiful pattern T.T!

The only thing that cheers me up about the fact that there is no か is the mnemonic “On the first day of your new relationship you can get two touches (ついたち) only. That’s the rule!” :laughing:.

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Isn’t it いちにち

You’re right it’s いちにち and ついたち means “first day” :slight_smile: . I guess they’re not interchangeable?

But as far as I’m aware 一日 can be read either of those ways :grin:.

Edit: Either way there is still no か :cry:

it’s one of my leeches, but yeah, it uses the ‘nietsche was a filosopher’ mnemonic.
Alci ichi nichi rhymes, making it easier to remember :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, noob question here but what’s a leech? :sweat_smile:.

It’s an item that just keeps coming back, and you seem to forget it.
I have the userscript ‘leech training’ now, but it usually only quizzes writing, not meaning.

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Ok that makes sense, thank you!

As in all languages, the primary function of patterns is to aggravate you with exceptions.


That’s God’s honest truth. Lol

Learning Kanji that I know I’ll forget because the words are almost always written in Kana. :joy:

之 - これ
成程 - なるほど


There’s already:
(いっ)() a family; a household; a home; one’s family; whole family
(いっ)() passing (e.g. of a typhoon); going past
(いっ)() something handed down (usu. an order)
(いっ)() one load
So consider 一日 a gift. :wink:

This is my secret to remembering にち:


On the contrary, after encountering the all out free-for-all of grammatical gender in German, I’ve grown extremely appreciative of any pattern that manages to be accurate more than 30% of the time.


WTF was that?

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i think that’s a nietsche quote?

i know that it’s ridiculously funny :smiley:


Aye, I forgot to mention that.

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いちにち is used to talk about “one day” where as ついたち is used for “the first of the month.”

ついたち comes from a sound change related to 月立ち where 立ち can mean “start”.


I’m developing something of a tradition where I rant about 日 tripping me up at least once a day. So…look forward to that! :grin:


こんいちは! I’m back :smiley:, I wanted to start this post with a little information on my start to learning Japanese, I know I mentioned previously that I spent some time learning Hiragana and Katakana on Tofugu.

I’ve always been in love with Japan ever since I was young, even before I knew what anime and manga were, I would tell my mum “When I grow up I want to be a ninja!”. Part of that love was the language, I had tried to learn a few times but I never had a strong motivation and drive until now.

Initially I was so unsure where to start because I always struggled at learning languages through traditional school, that may be because I had no interest or motivation at the time though and only french and spanish were offered.

I did a lot of research into the best methods to start learning Japanese, what learning methods are there? Do I get a tutor? How do free resources compare to paid resources? How long will it take? I ended up fascinated with two things; 1. comprehensible input (CI) and 2. SRS (like Anki / WK).

I was so keen to jump in and start doing some comprehensible input, but I found myself stuck from the get go, from what I could tell you need a basic understanding of some words / phrases of the language for CI to work. Once again I was stuck, and I decided it is probably just best to start doing some actual study rather taking in all of this input where I have zero understanding.

That lead me to Tofugu, (it’s really great!), which lead me here to WK. Currently I’m not doing any study besides WK although I would love to get Genki 1 & 2 at some point in the future. I’m really enjoying WK and it would be cool to hit level 60 one day, but for me it’s more important that I actually learn the language and enjoy the process.

for those of you who use CI, level do you think is needed in order to start understanding and getting value from CI?

I would love to have a lot more Japanese input, but currently I don’t understand much.

ありがとうございます :heavy_heart_exclamation:︎ for listening to my rambling, time to get on with some lessons and hopefully hit level 3 today !


Edit: Sorry Chaos! didn’t mean this as a reply to you, not sure how that happened and I’m not sure how to change it :frowning:

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