Difficult to see the different readings with new pronunciation clutter

I dig the new pronunciations, however I ran into a weird problem today:

In the lesson for “day before yesterday” -> Reading tab -> Vocab Reading sidebar

At first glance it’s difficult to see the different readings because the text for the audio is more prominent that the actual word.In fact it seems like the name of the person reading is in bold, but everything else is normal. That seems backwards.

Especially when there are multiple readings for a single lesson, the readings should be the most prominent part of the sidebar so it’s easier to pick out right away.


I agree that the kana reading could be more conspicuous. But this is also an OS-related problem (or at least the OS’s way of displaying certain fonts). I don’t have my Mac at the moment but comparing Firefox (version 69.0) on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.04:

Windows 10

Ubuntu 19.04

Testing with Chrome gives the same result (thinner kanji and kana on Windows).

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