Did some radicals change?

As far as I remember, ム has always been ‘Pile’. I go to learn a new word today and see that this radical means ‘private’ now. Same thing with 弓, remember it being ‘spring’ and it’s ‘bow’ now. Am I remembering incorrectly, or did the radicals change?



Oh, so that’s the reason I’ve been getting half my answers wrong for 2 weeks… cool

The old radical names should be on a hidden white list, still


Yes, pretty sure I gave some old meaning while learning the new ones, and i got it as correct.

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Yea the old names should still work. They do for me.

Old radical names still work, but there are also kanji that have changed their reading. Now taking on’yomi instead of kun’yomi. Those will just be marked wrong if you try to input what you were originally taught.


most radials change when they grow older and assume a more relaxed attitude, but some never change. true story.


In my epxerience, when you input one reading instead of the other in the kanji you are usually warned, but not marked as incorrect. I presumed this is true for every kanji, but I may be wrong.

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Yeah, any swapped readings will just shake if you put in the old reading.

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I was thinking that too, but at the same time, I clearly recall at least two instances, and maybe a third where I was marked wrong on a kanji. Checking the info, I was confused at the reading because I didn’t remember it like that at all, but I had my own reading mnemonics added. Those showed that the answer that was marked wrong was in fact the pre-overhaul reading.

I remember because it happened quite soon after the overhaul, and I was feeling very sour about getting a red screen for remembering what WK taught me. :sweat_smile: Luckily it didn’t happen much.

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If that happens, it would have to be because of an error or they failed to update the page so as to match the way every other item is. It’s supposed to be no different from putting in the opposite reading would be for any other kanji. It’s just that these switched roles. So if you know which kanji it was, you should email them.

It hasn’t happened to me since the first week after the overhaul, so maybe it was indeed patched out. :thinking:

I’ll look through the overhaul announcement at the kanji that switched readings to see if I remember which ones they were. ^^

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So I’m being informed that I’m just bad at remembering things XD I guess relearning something is easy when you never properly learned it the first time

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