Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B8!

In UTF-8 encoding, these hex numbers are all “continuation bytes”.

I… don’t actually know what that means…

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I think reordering the numbers might be important.

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We should add an achievements acknowledgement to the original post. Was it Naph who first discovered the QR code?

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In Shift-JIS it’s basically nonsense:


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How many radicals were changed/affected during the radical overhaul? I counted 65 but I think there’s more since I haven’t learned all of them. I was thinking they’d add up to 91. Also, I counted 41 changed Kanji here and 65 + 41 happens to not be 91 so that was all for naught as well.

May not be important but if b=2 9b is 92.

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What a coincidence. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So close. Yet so far.

So… so far…

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Factors of 91 and 92:

Divisors: 1, 7, 13, 91

Divisors: 1, 2, 4, 23, 46, 92

Table for reference again:
ac b7 b4
9b b5 a0
b0 b1 a1

:thinking: :sob:

I managed to get the B1 code on my own, by help of Google-fu I found a decipher that worked =P
Tried several until I got one that spelled a word :wink:

Couldn’t find one that made any sense of this B2 one though, so I’ve tried all kinds of randoms that comes to mind, including “going back to start” and cycle through the levels again to see if that could trigger anything.

The top image will take you back to the scroll page. And one page mentions B2:
“They will surely test you with their difficult jiddles.
I’ve never gone deeper than B2,
so my only advice is this:
If you run into any trouble,
make like your Review pile and don’t panic.
That is the most important thing.”

I’m thinking there could be a hint here… “don’t panic” is also a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference

I took the line “make like your Review pile” and tried any number from my current review pile (in case it can take info from your log in and use it… probably not, but worth a shot :wink: )


Don‘t forget your towel, its the most important item. Ps: not the passwort :frowning:


Wha? What page?

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The b1 hint page i think

It’s from the Lobby

If you convert the letters to numbers by A=1 and total each column and row, then add up the subtotals you get 243 for both. Is that a coincidence, mathematical causality, or a hint?


Oh, right. I just skipped to the last line of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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holy moly guacamole you might be onto something

For anyone who’s too lazy, if you turn the letters into numbers (A=1) then you get this

13 27 24
92 25 10
20 21 11


Can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious.


I tried it and it’s true o.o

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