DECEMBER 2018 JLPT N3 (Study Thread)


I’m taking the N3 in december too and just found this thread (you guys make me doubt my decision now, it seems so much harder than I expected. Probably much more of a jump from N4 than I thought)

In terms of my daily routine, I do WaniKani every day (obviously), which includes all lessons and reviews that are outstanding. I give myself the challenge to get 0 and 0 before going to sleep every day. I also keep a grammar diary, where I tackle 2-4 grammar points a day (depending on how well I understand them or already know them the firs time around) and then do repetitions for about the next four days (which includes A LOT of writing, but hey).
And then (mainly just because I really like the stories and they provide quite a challenge for me still) I work through a few of Souseki’s ten nights short stories for about half an hour a day (both listening and reading).

That’s my ideal daily japanese ritual, but it’s quite time consuming, so sometimes I find myself skipping certain parts when I’m too exhausted from work or something. I also try and read a few articles on NHK easy news a week.
What I’m really worried about is my listening, as I haven’t really found anything that works for me yet (apart from the Souseki short stories, but that doesn’t provide enough diversity of course).

Sorry for the long post and I’m not even sure if anyone even still follows this, but as it’s just under two months away, I figured it might be useful to revive it a bit :wink:


Recently I found, in another wanikani post, a website called
is a really good practice for listening.
I was aiming for N3 this year but finally decided to take N4 :joy:


My understanding of うち/うちに is that it’s for naturally occuring phenomena as opposed to a person’s controllable action, as in
暖かいうちにどうぞ or 冷めないうち食べてね
Meanwhile, 間 is for something happening during actions that people do 電車に待つ間、ゲームする

My understanding of particle に after either term is a) more formal and b) a stronger emphasis on the specific time period during which the prior action occurs.

So in your examples of the kids watching TV while the mother is having a nap, 間に has more of an effect of the kids watching TV specifically while the mum is asleep; implying that they are going to stop watching as soon as she wakes up. Without に their act of watching TV sounds more casual and not necessarily done deliberately because the mum is sleeping


I’ve just checked out the website, it’s really good fun. Thanks for the link!


50 days to go, time to start studying seriously… I wanna kill myself :’(


I feel the same. I’ve been doing my Wanikani reviews regularly but other than that, there isn’t much :disappointed_relieved:


Time to get serious.
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Just want to pop in and say I took the N3 in July and, despite me honestly believing I would fail: before, during and after…I ended up passing!

For those of you who are high level in WK, don’t knock how much your Kanji will boost your score! And it’ll really help during the reading section.

Also I had barely started N4 grammar on BP, let alone any N3 grammar.

So if I can do it, you all can do it too! I mean, I still didn’t get a good score, but I passed. :sweat_smile:
I’m just saying, it is doable!



Exact same situation as you! Was thinking of giving N4 in December, but it’s clashing with my college examinations, so now I’ll give N3 in July.


Also having to do this because work won’t let me take the time off! One day I’ll pass this bloody exam…


Anyone here taking the N3 in Denver, CO?
I will have just moved to the area around then (Pueblo, so still kinda far though).
Hopefully I’ll be able to make some Japanese study buddies there. :3


Reading and listening i where I think I’m weakest (in terms of N3 practice exam material anyway). I think I’ll concentrate on these two areas during the time that’s left to study. I’m pretty sure I’ll nail the kanji section.


Agreed. Kanji seems quite easy in comparison (That being said, if they just change this tiny little stroke on a kanji I’d pr o baby still be lost but hey).

Reading will Probably be an issue for me too, but mainly because of speed. I’m just about to finish wanikani though, so I just really wanna do that to… then I’ll concentrate on reading and listening xD