Days of the week [meaning] warning

So I was doing reviews and the days of the week came up. As I entered ‘Tuesday’ I got the ‘you made a mistake in your english’ notification and wondered why. Turns out some names of the days of the week are so similar that they’ll be considered correct even when they aren’t sometimes. Very embarrassing. Obviously I should’ve learned the names of the days better, but I was kind of convinced I knew them perfectly so don’t make the same mistake! :sweat_smile:

In short, make sure you type the meaning of the days of the week 100% correct! :joy:

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This just goes to the general rule of checking your answer when it gives you the warning. And there’s the close but no cigar script to force you to only accept exact answers if you want to eliminate the possibility.

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You’re mostly right, but since I usually use the android app, I can’t use that extension. In addition, I make typos often. Since the days of the week came back as enlightened items, I assume I did them right before… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tips though, I’ll definitely make sure to check my answers more carefully next time since I want to actually learn the right word lol

Sure, you can still check if your answer was right or not. That’s really the most important thing. If it was a burn review, then just revive it.

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I’m thinking a nice plugin would be one that displays the item information when you get that warning (sometimes I double enter and miss it). Does such thing exist already?

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Oooh right! Like the one that automatically opens the info when you’re wrong. I’m not sure if it exists, will check the list.

Edit: don’t think there’s an extension like that. I’ll just pay more attention instead of pressing ‘enter’ automatically after seeing green

WaniKani Review Wrong Info Click automatically opens the information box if you get an item wrong.

Lighting Mode is a userscript feature that automatically opens the info box if you get an item wrong. It advances to the next review item if you get it correct.

WaniKani Mistake Delay well… delays you from going onto the next item if you get something wrong. It prevents the over-confident double enter I’m sure everyone does at least a few times.

Hope one of these can help! Good luck!

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Thanks! Though those only work when you actually get the answer wrong, not when you get the “you should check your answer” warning

I use close but no cigar. I got it because of the acceptance of “to rise” for 上げる, to raise. (but curiously “to raise” doesn’t work for 上がる) One of the more egregious acceptances was the definition “to be sufficient” for 足りない.


Oh, I misunderstood what you were looking for, sorry about that!

Aye, me too, @galg - not that specific instance, for me, though I am aware of it. I think WK’s default is sensible, but for me, I need it to be more rigorous, and I have the ignore script for genuine typos, etc.

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